Export WooComerce Products with Variations on Amazon

Variations are sets of child products that are related to the parent one and differ in certain attributes. For example, when selling shirts, you can choose color and size of a shirt that suits your needs. The shirt is the main product (parent) and the variants of color and size are its variations.

Note: Variations support is available in the new version of Amazon Integration Addon (0.0.3 Build 346).

Launch the Amazon Integration addon from the Store Manager for WooCommerce.

Choose an operation to add products you want to export. This allows creating new or use previously created product listing.

Note: each variation of a product is shown as a separate product position on Amazon. Select categories from which the products will be applied in listing. In case products have variations, each child product (variation) will be added to the listing as a separate record.

In the updated version of the addon, there is the additional field in the product grid - "Variation_ID". It is related to the identical number of the product variants.

Click [Publish] to launch export.

If you have faced with any difficulties or issues while exporting products with variations on Amazon, contact our support center and we will gladly assist you.