2. Add Products to Listing

The following step contains the options to form the listing of the products. Use the top toolbar to perform such operations as:

    1. Add products - opens a category tree where you can choose the position (positions) of the store from which products will be added to the active listing.
Add products to listing form

In the upper row you can see the possibility to define a filter tool to facilitate the search process of the necessary category position. Just type a title of the category you are looking for and you will get the filtered result:

Add product listening filter

After pressing 'OK' button you will get the list of the products with the base details in the table form, i.e. product ID, SKU, name, quantity, price, the date of their creation (adding) and the status of the synchronization.

Products listing

2) ‘Remove’ / ‘Remove All’ - use this option to clear a list from the selected positions/ the whole list at once;

Remove - Remove All options

3) ‘Find on Amazon’ (1) (this option will be acceptable only when the manually mapping is chosen) - allows finding the similar positions on Amazon (2) and link with the appropriate products from the store (3).

find on amazon steps

The assigned positions will have the column ‘ASIN’ filled.

ASIN column
Map products by SKU

4) Map products by SKU - serves for automatically mapping product positions on Amazon seller center.


5) Clear Mapping - cancel the previous mapping for the selected records.

Show Calculations

6) Show Calculations - displays the results of the price and quantity settings of the exported data configured on the previous step.

Press ‘Next’ button to move ahead.

The last step is the 'Mapping Categories'.