4.3 Manage Inventory Data

Using the Addon's operations periodically you can see the following Welcome Addon's page:

Addon Welcome page

Press the 'Inventory' position you will see a list with all created Listings in the left and their statuses, indicated under.

Listing list

By clicking on the appropriate Listing position the related details will be automatically uploaded and displayed in the following tabs.

Activate tab you need to see the relevant data.

Add Products to Listing

To edit Listing select one you need to modify from a list

Add products to Listing

and you will be able to perform the following operations with the Listing's content:

Product toolbar

The current tab allows performing the following operations:

    • add products to the listing - 'Add Products'.
    • remove selected products from the listing or ‘Remove All’ - clear the whole list at once.
    • ‘Find on Amazon’ allows find and map products with the relevant analogues on Amazon (available only if manual identification method is selected).
    • Map Products by SKU’ option launches automatically mapping products on Amazon Selling Central.
    • ‘Clear Mapping’ cancels the previous mapping.
    • 'Shows Calculations' displays the results of the price and quantity settings of the exported data configured on the previous step (Q-ty to Export and Price to Export columns in the illustration below).
Show calculations

Please note, pressing 'Publish' option starts the updating/exporting process.

Press 'Publush'

In case you need to manage other details in the selected Listing - you can click on the 'Settings' sign to activate the tabs with the appropriate data fields:

Activate Settings form

Choose the tab which data you want to update. Use the following chapter of the documentation page with the detailed description on each field of the tabs list:

Tabs list


The Logs section contains the summary results of the process(es) which was(were) performed before. Launch 'Publish' to be able to see the latest logs of the selected product listing.

Logs sign

You can preview the results in details by using the button in the upper right corner:

Details sign

Monitor the results of the process from the following tab. Depending on which checkboxes related to the products details have checked in the ‘Items to synchronize’ area ('Images', 'Price', 'Inventory', 'Shipping Options') you will see the appropriate tabs on each product data sector:

Recent operations

Check the details by switching between the tabs.

Click on 'the Close' button at the bottom of the form to complete with the synchronization process and exit from the Amazon Integration Addon.


In case you have the version of the addon 1.1.0.Build:328 and higher, please visit the following sub-page to see the latest updates on the current step.