3.5. Import Orders


To update store inventory based on the Amazon sales, launch [Import Orders] via Amazon Integration Addon.

Please note, the Import Orders from Amazon option is currently available in:

  • Store Manager for Magento

  • Store Manager for PrestaShop

  • Store Manager for WooCommerce

Please note that since Amazon doesn't provide Buyer's First and Last Name (personally identifiable information - PII) this data is not shown in Store Manager.

Follow the instructions below to prepare and run the import of Amazon orders:

1. Launch Amazon Integration Addon from Store Manager.

2. To start working, add your Amazon account.

3. Once you are connected, the [Orders Import] button will be enabled:

4. The next page requires to specify the following data:

< - The time period within that the orders will be retrieved from Amazon. Expand the drop-down list and set the date using the calendar tools.

< - The status of the imported orders.

< - "Shipping Method" that will be applied to the orders.

< - "Amazon Payment Method" with the relevant payment information of your store.

Once "Import Options" are specified, click the button to start:

Note: the unregistered version of Amazon Integration Addon allows to import up to 20 orders. If you want to process an unlimited number of orders, you have to register the addon.

Note: In order to perform orders import correctly, products SKUs in Amazon orders should be identical to the store products SKUs. Amazon Integration Addon will only import orders with the "Shipped" status.

You can set up a schedule to run Amazon Integration Addon automatically. To do so, click the [Schedule] button.

Set up a task in the "Add Task to Scheduler" window:

  1. Specify task name.

  2. Select task configuration.

  3. Configure notification settings.

  4. Set up task schedule.

  5. Press [OK] to create a task.

The results of each import operation are saved to the "Logs".

Note: the unregistered version of Amazon Integration Addon won't run import automatically. If you want to use this option, you have to register the addon.

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