3.1. Add New Account


After launching the Amazon Integration addon, you will see the "Welcome" page (as shown in the illustration below).

Add New Amazon account

To add your Amazon Seller account, press New Account:

Fill in your Amazon Seller account credentials in the sign-in form:

If you have Amazon two-step verification enabled, enter a One Time Password (OTP) and press [Sign-In]:

Next, select a Merchant and Marketplace and click [Select Account ]:

To authorize eCommerce Integration by eMagicOne to access your Amazon selling data, select the checkbox and press [Confirm]:

Finally, enter a name for your new account and press [OK]. Now you can start using the addon and create your first listing.

Manage Amazon Accounts

After you have added your Amazon account, its name will be displayed at the bottom of the starting page:

Tip: Amazon Integration with Store Manager allows you to integrate your online store with multiple Amazon accounts and switch between them as you need.

To view all added accounts, expand the dropdown next to the current account name.

Also, you can use the following options to manage your Amazon accounts:

  • Press the green "+" icon to add a new account.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the account name. Click OK to save the changes.

  • Click the delete account icon to remove the connection to the account from the addon.

Once you have logged in to your Amazon account, you can move to the next step - Create New Listing and Manage Inventory Data.