3.1. Start-Up


After launching the Amazon Integration addon, you will see the "Welcome" page (as shown on the illustration below).

Add a new account

To proceed, you need to login to the account on Amazon.

Fill the form, which appears, with the necessary information:

New account form

We encourage you to visit our page and check the detailed instructions on how to get all required settings data to complete the registration.

In addition, use the embedded links provided inside the form's content if you need to get more information on Amazon Selling plan, or get the step-by-step instructions on how to grant access to the Amazon Seller account by Amazon Integration, as well.

Links inside the form

You should see the following confirmation message:

Connected succesfully

Login into Amazon account

If you have already registered the account before, the addon's "Welcome" page will have the following view:

Addon Welcome Page with Registered Account

All registered users are represented in the drop-down accounts list (you should click the account name’s field to expand it):

Account list

The right-side options help to perform the following operations:

Account options
    • Add a new account to the list. Fill the registration form and press the [OK] button:
Add new Account form

Note: Current form has undergone some updates. It is recommend to visit the following page with the detailed instructions on how to get all necessary settings data and register with the addon properly.

    • [Edit Account Details] opens the same form as the previous one, where you can make the updates and save your entires:
Edit account details
    • [Delete Account] clears the accounts list from a selected user:
Delete option

Please note!

The removal is irreversible and starts without a confirmation message. Be careful when clicking it.

Once you login to your account on Amazon, you can move to the next step - Create New Listing and Manage Inventory Data.