3. Mapping Categories

A certain step - Mapping categories - is now available, provided that the corresponding check-box is selected in the Settings stage.

Open the Settings clicking on the same-named sign in the Listing list:

Settings sign in the Listing list area

Choose the necessary checkbox from the 'Items to Publish' area:

Classification checkbox

In the current tab you can see visually two panels:

Classification two panels

- the left one displays the category path at your store and the appropriate path on Amazon opposite;

- the right panel shows path of the categories on Amazon.

There are two tabs: ‘All Amazon Categories’ displays the Amazon category tree and the second one - ‘Suggested Categories’ - a list of categories from Amazon in the descending order with the best accordance (relevancy) in percentages.

Categories two tabs

You can use the manual mode for categories assignment - open the first tab - ‘Amazon Categories’. Note, the variants in grey are the root categories on Amazon and cannot be mapped. You should expand them to choose one of the possible subcategories in black!

The categories grey-outed

The filter tool helps to facilitate the searching process. Just type the first letter of necessary position to see all possible variants listed below:

Filtering in Categories Mapping step

To accelerate the mapping process, you enable to use the right tab and guided by the percentage of relevancy, select the most suitable of the proposed options.

Suggested Categories tab

Use 'drag-and-drop' method (i.e. select the category on the right, drag it and drop it on the left) to map the category to the appropriate category(ies) of the listing or double click on the most relevant position and the current variant will be mapped automatically:

Mapped category position
Clear mapping categories

‘Clear Mapping’ option cancels the previous mapped positions.

Press ‘Save’ to keep the mapped positions and complete with the Listing creation step:

Press ‘Publish’ to complete with the Listing creation step and start exporting:

Publish button