3.2.3. Mapping Categories


To make categories mapping available, you should select the corresponding checkbox in the "Settings" page.

To do so, press the [Settings] sign in the listing pane:

Choose the necessary checkbox from the "Items to Publish" area:

In this tab there are two panels:

  • The left one displays the category path at your store and the appropriate path on Amazon opposite.

  • The right panel shows path to the categories on Amazon.

There are also two tabs:

  • "All Amazon Categories" displays the Amazon category tree

  • "Suggested Categories" - a list of categories from Amazon in descending order with the best relevancy in percentages.

You can use the manual mode for categories assigning. Open the "Amazon Categories" tab.

Note: the options in grey are the root categories on Amazon and cannot be mapped. You should expand them to choose one of the possible subcategories marked with black!

The filter tool helps to facilitate the searching process. Type the first letter of the necessary position to see all possible variants listed below:

To accelerate the mapping process, use the right tab, and guided by the percentage of relevancy, select the most suitable of the proposed options.

Use drag-and-drop method (i.e. select the category on the right, drag it and drop it on the left) to map the category to the relevant category(ies) of the listing or double-click the most relevant position and the current variant will be mapped automatically:

< - [Clear Mapping] cancels previous mapping.

Press [Save] to keep mapped positions and complete with the Listing creation step.

Press [Publish] to complete with the Listing creation step and start exporting:

Take into account the situation, which you can face with during the export of new products on Amazon on the mapping step (the "Classification" tab):

1. For instance, you sell products developed by your own brand, which have no analogues on Amazon. Typically, Amazon assigns an identifier on the mapping step to link the store products with the similar Amazon positions.

Since the new products are unique and cannot be identified on Amazon yet, in order to avoid errors during export, you should patent the product data and receive a confirmation letter from the Amazon SRS that you have an access to export these products under your own brand without identification.

This is the Brand Registry Program, which can be reached by this link on Amazon.

As a result, products under your own brand can be accessible to your customers on Amazon, and you can export them smoothly.

2. If your online store offers handmade goods or some virtual and non-branded products, we recommend you to request the GTIN exemption on Amazon to be able to sell these items without identifier, as the most categories on Amazon require to use a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) while creating a new product.

Note: this procedure is free, but takes some time.

The peculiarities of the letter request content and its template is available on this Amazon Seller Central page.

If you faced with any issues during the mapping step and need any assistance to get them exported properlyб we are ready to help you in our support center.