2. Quick Start Guide

The Amazon Integration addon should be registered with a separate license key. So you have to install Store Manager on your computer and configure all settings for its work.

You should follow these steps:

1. Install Store Manager on your PC and register it with the Store Manager license key

2. Launch Store Manager and configure a connection to your store database (press [F12]). It is recommended to set up the FTP connection to be able to upload images to your store's products.

3. Order and register the Amazon Integration addon by activating the Amazon Integration license key (press [F12] and choose the "Addons" section).

4. Set up Amazon Integration:

1. Specify the following on the "Welcome" page:

- Enter Merchant ID

- Choose a necessary action: Sell on Amazon; Synchronize Products; Show Feed Submission List; Orders Management

2. Find Products on Amazon by: Product Name; ASIN; EAN; UPC; ISBN; GTIN; GCID; PZN

3. Amazon Product List

4. Configure Feed

5. Preview page

6. Feeds Submission List

7. Check exported products on Amazon Marketplace

8. Manage store orders that were placed on the Amazon marketplace