3.3.1. Manage Inventory Data. Latest updates



Since the last addon's update (starting from the v.1.1.0:328) the Manage Inventory Data page has undergone some changes.

To activate the "Settings" form press the option opposite the Listing name in the left panel:

Settings sign

As you can see, the "Items" fields are formed and gathered into separate tabs.

Items to publish tabs

By choosing the group of items in the right pane, you make the related tab available.

Take into account the "Classification" tab. It means you are able to map categories from the store with the Amazon categories right on the "Settings" page, as well.

Select the relevant checkbox to activate the tab:


Open the hidden list of the Amazon Categories tree that can be used in mapping. Double-click the "Amazon Category" column’s area:

Amazon Category column's area

The "Inventory" tab contains the new extra condition - "Handling Time (Days)":

Handling time

You can specify a period from the order receiving to its shipping. This period,usually, covers one to two business days on Amazon ("Amazon Default"), but in case you need to set another period, use the drop-down list to select what suits you best at the moment:

Handling time in Days

To preview latest logs on the selected operation, press the sign opposite the listing name position:

Logs tab

The [Publish] action means that details will be available on Amazon once the process is completed. Press it if you are ready to post changes on Amazon.

Publish button

If you have any questions, contact our support center to get the necessary assistance.