2.0. Amazon Seller Account

Detailed instructions on how to grant access to your Amazon seller account by Amazon Integration is provided below.

Depending on your location, perform the following steps:

1. Go to Amazon Marketplace Web Service:

2. Click the [Sign up for MWS] button.

3. Log into your Amazon seller account.

4. On the MWS registration page, click the button for "I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS."

5. In the Developer's Name text box, type "eMagicOne" or something else. This doesn't need to be the exact name; it is merely for your reference in the future.

6. In the Developer Account Number text box, enter:

          • "5327-2924-3812" for USA
          • "6732-1462-6810" for EU

7. Click the [Next] button.

8. Accept the Amazon MWS License Agreements and click the [Next] button.

9. Copy your account identifiers (Merchant ID and Marketplace ID) as addon needs them in order to programmatically access your Amazon seller account. It is also a good practice to print this page and save it in a safe place.

10. The new point should be performed by a user to be able to login to the Amazon Integration Addon, i.e. get an MWS Auth Token. It requires authorization as a Developer action.

Follow though the next extra-steps:

      • Go to "User Permissions" in the Amazon Seller Account (1)
      • Specify "Developer Name" and "Developer ID" in the relevant fields, as shown below (2)
      • In the lower part of the page press the button for authorization (3)
      • The MWS Auth Token will appear in the corresponding column in the right (4). It is hidden and you can preview it by clicking [View] (4). Copy it to be able to insert in the appropriate form of the addon.
Authorize as a Developer steps

11. Paste your account identifiers into the addon’s fields:

Addons fields for registration

If you faced with some issues during registration, we are waiting to hearing from you in our support center to be able to guide you through the process.