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Amazon Integration is a Store Manager addon which allows you to export products from your on-line store to Amazon, synchronize products from store and Amazon marketplace, manage orders which were made on Amazon.

Amazon Integration is Store Manager addon, which means, that it is a part of Store Manager (it is already built into the software) and should be registered with a separate license key. So in order to use the addon you have to install and register Store Manager for Magento, PrestaShop, VirtueMart or osCommerce first.

    • Install the Store Manager on your local PC and set up required settings (database connection settings)
    • Register Amazon Integration addon

Note, starting from the 1-st of February, the process of users registration in the addon has undergone some updates. We recommend you to visit this page to see the step-by-step instruction for successful login to Amazon account and be able to work with the functionality of the plugin.


Product Information

Short list of product features

Getting Started

Install Store Manager, Register Application and Set Up Connection Settings. Register Addon


Export Configuration Settings

How To's

Bestpractices, Resolve Common Feed Issues, Learn about Product Submitting

Amazon Errors

Typical Error Messages Returned from Amazon While Submitting Products, How to Fix Them

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