3.1 Export products on Amazon

Once Amazon Integration add-on is registered you may proceed using it. Select one from the options suggested:

Amazon Welcome page

If you want to export new products, select button Sell on Amazon, if you have such products on Amazon and you want to update their data - you need to press Synchronize Products, to be able to manage your orders from Amazon marketplace - select 'Orders Management' position.

Show Feed Submission List - open your all operations and their results that you have already done.

Merchant ID

Merchant_ID should be received to your email during addon registration.

If you have any difficulties in managing an add-on, you can use Help button in the upper right corner of the window.

Help button

At the next step you may select the identification method of the products to be exported on Amazon Market.

If you select specific identification code (ASIN, EAN, UPC, PZN etc), necessary to find the field of the store database relates to the chosen designation.

ASIN field indicated

If you choose the first one - by Product Name - products will be assigned to Amazon items manually on the next step.

By product Name field

The products which have assigned field will be exported to the Amazon.

If you select the field with no identifier assigned, you will get the lower notification line:

notification line

In this case you should return to the identification page and select the properly identifier.

Amazon Products List

Using the top menu on the following step you can perform such actions as:

Product Feed Toolbar

Add from Amazon will available in case you used the Product Name as an identifier on the previous step and helps to find items on Amazon, add them to your sell-list and export on Amazon marketplace with your own conditions. When you press it, the search form will appear, where you can specify the necessary data for searching - product name or another search identifier as UPC, EAN etc and Amazon category name.

In the list of filtered products select the most appropriate denomination and click 'Sell yours' button.

Add from Amazon form

The product will be added to your store product grid after filling this form:

Add a product form

Set the price of the selected item and its quantity, specify the Manufacturer name . Take into account the 'SKU' position - you can get for exporting the SKU product number, which is specified at your store or press the button opposite and use ASIN code as a product SKU .

Add from my Store button serves for searching the necessary items at your store and listing them here. You can pull necessary positions from the appropriate category of your category tree or by searching from the Products list:

Add Products from the Store

Choose categories from the category form simply checking the required checkboxes and all products from the selected positions will be shown in one list.

Search products from Categories Tree

You can launch the search engine and find necessary items by using the appropriate filter parameter specified in the search field (the first letters of the product names you are looking for..):

Search products from Products List

Select what products you want to be exported or add all of them.

The one of the first steps on Amazon Integration is mapping between the seller's unique identifier (SKU) and Amazon's unigue identifier (ASIN).

You can implement the mapping:

- by product name (in order to perform this press against each product name's column the appropriate option 'Find on Amazon') and next window will appear:

Find on Amazon

There is a list of the same Amazon products in the left side of the window and their attributes on the right side (model, manufacture, label, color etc).

Choose one item that is the most suitable to your product from the list below and click 'Apply'.

- or by SKU product number, clicking on the button 'Map Products by SKU' in the top of the window. Map Products by SKU uses only in case you already have products on the Amazon and want just to map selected ones by their SKU numbers. (Please note, this variant will available if you select the Product Name as product identifier on the previous step).

amazon products list
Clear Mapping button

Clear Mapping option uses for canceling previous mapping on this step.

Remove Products options allow delete selected products from the list or all products which are shown in the table below:

Remove options

By using the Export Grid button you can save all your data to a separate file of such formats as:

Export Grid

After all operations are done, click 'Next' to proceed.

Map Categories

Mapping step represents the data (categories) on the left which can be mapped with the appropriate categories on Amazon on the right.

Map Categories step

The grey categories are the root amazon categories which can be deployed to see all sub-categories they comprise .

Grey-colored categories

You can skip this step and press 'Next' to proceed.

Configure Feed

Window Configure Feed allows you to choose what type of products data should be exported. There are a few options in the top of the window.

Simply check necessary check boxes.

Configure Feed page

The upper pane includes the main condition information - which exact data you want to export on Amazon - basic product details, price and quantitative values and image gallery.

You can choose all of these types or only the most appropriate at this time.

Under the base product data refers the following information:

- The State of products (Condition) - in general there are four types of conditions that can be selected for export - a new, refurbished, used - as a new, used - very good) . Choose the corresponding condition for your items which exporting.

You can also configure other data related to your products:

- following field is used for explanation or clarification the product state (condition) and concerns all types of condition except 'New'. If your products have a new state you can skip this field. In other case you should specify the corresponding value:

Your own value

1) click on the option for editing to enter the data manually

Value from database

2) select value from your database.

Condition note field

- Brand - select field from your store database which is responsible for brand or manufacturer of selected product(s) or type this data manually:

Brand field

- Product Tax Code - the field in which you can specify whether the product(s) is(are) taxable or non-taxable

Product Tax Code

- Launch Date - the date, from which these products will be activated and available for sale on Amazon;

- next field - Discontinue Date - period, when these items become un-available to sell.

The Launch and Discontinue Dates

- Item Package Quantity - if your product can be purchased in a bulk - for example, our Store Manager can be ordered with one Primary license and one Additional license within one package proposal, so you should specify the total amount of such items packages if they are.

- Max Order Quantity - the maximum products amount which you add to the order at once.

Package and Order Quantity

Concerning the price sector, you can take the main product price from your store or check the 'Sale Prices' field and use special price to export.

Here you have an opportunity also to customize a special (sale) product's price, by specifying the date, from which this price will be available and the date of its completion:

Price section

Standard Price - it is the main price of the item (non-sale price).

Image section serves for uploading the various images for products. You can assign several media files to each items.

Here are the following product image type:

Main Image - this image will be displayed on the main product's page of Amazon.

- Alternate Images - Images of other views of the product, clickable beneath the main product image.


Click on 'Preview' button and the next window will appear. You will be able to see a list of products and other data.

Preview page

If you need to make some adjustments, you may go back simply by clicking on the 'Back' button.

When Product Export on Amazon operation is completed you will see the results.

Feed submission list

Take into account, this documentation was described based on the addon version 0.2.14 (build 73) ! If you notice that some screenshots or options are different or unavailable on your side, please, check your current plugin's version , - evidently, you are using the slightly older version of addon and should update to the newest one.

If you have any difficulties or comments concerning addon's functionality, please, contact us and we will gladly help you.