3.4. Feed Submission List

The third option of Amazon Integration Addon is Feed Submission Lis. This option allows displaying all product feeds that were submitted to Amazon.

Feeds Submission List

The left pane of the window displays a list of performed operations with their ID number.

Feeds Submission List left pane

In the right pane, there is a filter where you can find the required transactions by their ID number or select the type of an operation. To do so, choose the option you want to search in the "Feed Type List" section - data about the product, the quantity, the product price and media files.

Right Pane

Use [+] - to add option, or [-] to remove selected one(s).

Feed Type List

In "Feed Processing Status List" select the status of an operation from suggested options (click [+] to add status in the section window , or [-] to delete chosen item(s) from the list).

Feed processing Status list

You may also configure time parameters to search ("Submitted from" and "Submitted to" respectively).

Submitted form

After specifying all required settings, click the [Apply Filter] button to start the search.

Filtered data appears in the left pane of the window.

In the middle of the Feeds Submission List window

Click a certain operation in the left pane to get necessary information about it in the middle pane.

To update data in the window, press the [Refresh] button.

Refresh button