3.3. Orders Management

You can operate your orders that were placed on Amazon and set the date or status range to filter on specific orders' types.

Orders Management

The "Orders Management" page displays an order list in the table.

Orders Management

There is the following order data:

  • "Amazon order ID"
  • "Buyer Name" - the name of a person who placed the order on Amazon
  • The date when the order was made
  • The order status and the purchase amount

In the right pane of the "Orders Management" there are the customer shipping and billing address details.

In the lower pane you can see the "Ordered Items" data - the product name purchased on Amazon, its identifier (ASIN or SKU) and quantity of sold units.

The "Actions" sector, at the bottom, displays the following actions that you can take on your orders:

  • Print packing slip
  • Confirm shipment
  • Cancel order

Since Amazon doesn't provide customer's First Name and Last Name (personally identifiable information - PII) these fields are not shown in Store Manager.

Use "Filter" to see orders by specified parameter.

Filter section

By default, the order list shows all orders that were ordered during past 7 days, but you can configure your own period for displaying.

Choose the necessary period from the drop-down list by pressing the browse button.

Filter by Time Period

You can filter order by their status by selecting the one you want to filter by from the status list.

Filter by Order Status

To launch a filter, press the [Apply Filter] button.