3.2. Synchronize Products

To synchronize products that exist on Amazon with products on your store (update information about units of the products that have been already posted earlier, their quantity, price or images), choose the second position at the beginning of plugin running.

Synchronize Products

In the window, which appears, a list of items from your store that are already available on Amazon will be displayed:

amazon Product List Synchronization

In this window, you can add a new ones by clicking the [Add from my Store] button, or delete some of them by using the [Remove Products] button on the window's toolbar.

When the main changes are made, click the [Next] button to continue synchronization.

Configure Feed

In the configuration window, check basic conditions to synchronize: quantity, product price or media files attached to them.

Depending on the selected options, select conditions that correspond to:

  • "Prices". Configure currency, if special price is available, specify a date the sale starts and a last date of the sale. You can take the main product "Standard" price from your store, or select the "Sale Prices" field and use special price for export.
  • "Images". Select the necessary media file's types. "Main Image" that displays on the main Amazon product's page and additional "Alternate image", which can be selected for each product additionally and reflect its different views.
Value from Database

< - You can set the relevant values from your database directly by choosing [Value from Database].

Your Value

< - Put your own values to all products listed in the product feed by pressing the [Your Value] button.

In the preview window, you can see data to synchronize with all configured in the previous steps conditions.

Preview synchronization

If you press the [Export] button, you launch the synchronization procedure.

The synchronization results will be available on the last step:

Feeds Synchronization List

In the case of some errors during synchronization, you get the following result form:

Synchronization error result form

Please preview each error's description to be able to understand its causes and run synchronization after eliminating all deficiencies again.

Press the [Close] button to exit the Amazon Addon and continue working with Store Manager.